Optimize 101

Optimize Course will show you as an individual or entrepreneur steps and direct you on how to create wealth. We will make you aware of your daily choices and how that fits into your ability to create wealth. The course will enable you to change your money mind set and how you relate with your money. This incorporates real case studies which form part of your learning. Professionals from various fields such as investment experts, stockbrokers, fund managers, insurance experts will also form part of the facilitation team during the course.
The course has 8 modules to be covered in 8 weeks. Students will be required to attend one class every week for 2 hours. Assignments are part of the training this assists the student to practice what they learn as they develop a financial plan .

The total cost for the 8 weeks course is Kes 32,000 (inclusive of 16% Vat) for the 8 modules plus a registration and booking fee is Kes 500. The fee includes refreshments at the classes as well as a personal financial management manual with the relevant notes, reference materials, electronic templates and exercises. Payments can also be done in three monthly installments i.e. Kes 11,000 for each of the first two weeks and Kes 10,000 for the last month.

With the optimize 101 course you will learn how to:

  • Manage your monthly Income and Expenses.
  • Understand debt and how to leverage on it.
  • Understand how to make Money Work for You.
  • Afford quality Education for your children
  • Know where to Invest and Increase your Investment Returns
  • Retire and still be able to maintain your desired lifestyle
  • Create abundant wealth