Productivity is the measure of efficiency in completing a task. You can become productive by ensuring that you efficiently manage your energy levels. Being clear on which important things need to be done consistently in an efficient manner is critical in becoming productive.

Easy guide to becoming productive daily.

Step 1. Create a morning ritual
A consistent routine that tells your mind its time to work is pivotal in being productive this could be a morning run or exercise, a glass of cold water before sitting down to work, a prayer to calm your mind. Having a consistent routine will be helpful in setting your mind for work.

Step 2. Plan your day the night before
When you do this, it may take 15 minutes writing down the to do list for the next day and it will save you time the next morning and will guide your priorities for that day.

Step 3. Manage your energy
Evaluate your life and energy which tasks are best for early morning which ones are best for afternoon and evening? Check and plan your activities based on this energy levels so you don’t feel drained by a heavy task when you schedule it for evening if by this time you normally feel lethargic.

Step 4. Work from a distraction free environment
Make sure the area you are working from is cool, sit up straight so you can breathe deeply and allow your brain to get sufficient oxygen to remain alert. Have your phone off or on silent mode away from your work area to allow you to concentrate and remain focused on task while limiting email pop ups and social media texts messages.

Step 5. Introduce new habits
Introducing new habits in your life will make you become better some of the habits of self-improvement include:
*Reading * Writing* Research

Step 6. Practice commitment to goals and tasks
Do what needs to be done even when its not convenient. Don’t rely on your instincts. switch from instincts to successful thinking continue and practice this new habit.
Learn the art of choosing tasks based on their significance to your goals and not on their urgency.
Ask the question How long will this matter to me?

Learning how to self-manage your energy will enable you to have a productive life.

Key questions to ask yourself
What can I do today that can make my tomorrow better?
What can I do now that can free up my time tomorrow?

Top Productivity Books
* The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
* Essentialism by Greg McKeown
* Getting Things Done by David Allen

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