Teen Camp


As a parent we wish success to our children. Our Teen camp is a 4-day boot camp that will take your son / daughter (Age 12 -18years) through practical sessions that will help them understand the concept of money, as they get a head start in life, build financial confidence, understand how today’s choices affect tomorrows reality and ultimately: to responsibly live the life (s)he has always dreamt of! The program sets the foundation necessary for success.

 The teen boot camp enables your children understand their potential and become aware of their possibilities, the money skills are essential but are never taught in school. With these you are able to thrive as an individual in society. We help you set up an environment for your child to thrive.

Attendance by students is required for three days during the school holiday, from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Students and guardians will be required to attend a graduation ceremony and a Parents’-and-Teens’ forum on the final day, Saturday, between 9am and 12:30pm.

The Teens camp has 6 modules which will be covered over a period of 4days. The sessions are taught using practical examples, engaging exercises and fun activities which ensure that the concepts taught result in a positive life, perspective and attitude change that will manifest it in how he/she behaves.

Through this course, students will learn how to:

  • Learn how to create a life map with the actions taken today
  • Learn how to handle money and mould healthy money attitudes
  • Gain a deeper understanding of themselves
  • Learn how to dream big, plan and take action to realize these dreams
  • Learn how to create wealth

Through this course, parents will learn how to:

  • Encourage and build good financial habits and attitudes in their children