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Mwangaza Africa Consultants Disclaimer


The information provided using this Web site is only intended to be general summary information to the public. It is not intended to take the place of legal advice, written law or regulations.

What is Mwangaza Africa Consultants

Mwangaza Africa Consultants a Kenya-based, registered consulting business under the Kenyan law it provides financial education programs, housing advisory services, bankruptcy counseling, free personal credit and budget counseling, and debt management assistance.

MAFC’s services are consultative only and MAFC cannot prevent wage attachment or garnishment, repossession or job loss. Therefore, you should rely on your own judgment in deciding which product/service best suits your needs and financial means.

The information provided should be understood to be a general discussion of the subject matter and does not constitute a legal opinion about your particular situation.

The counseling form you submit either in person or online is not a legal document, and this form does not bind you to any fees or financial commitments with MAFC. However, you providing your information to this site and related sites is consent for MAFC to contact you by telephone, including mobile phone and text. If you choose to participate in a Debt Management Plan, you are asked to pay a set-up fee and monthly fee to cover the costs of creditor communications, general account maintenance, education, and other administrative costs.

For more information about our services, and possible fees associated with these services, please call us at +254726540773

Additional Disclosures