5 Secret techniques to improve your life skills.

A life skill refers to skills that an individual needs to simplify and make tasks easier for their day-to-day life. There are some basic life skills that we learn from the time we were young; some life skills are acquired as we grow that ultimately enable us to deal well with the challenges in our lives.

Everyone in the world needs different life skills from time to time, we all consider certain skills as essential, but from one individual to the other these skills differ. For example, there are people that see driving skills as essential to their daily lives. Although to some, this could be considered unnecessary for their lives.

People usually associate learning new skills with the formal education structure which is a big misconception. This kind of learning should be a life-long process that enhances our view of the world and improves the quality of our lives.

Top five key life skills 

Communication and interpersonal skills.

These skills enable an individual to work well with others and to be able to relay and receive information clearly.

Resilience and problem-solving skills.

These are the kind of skills that helps an individual deal with setbacks by treating them as an experience and opportunity to learn from the setback and carving out a new way of pursuing their goals.

Assertiveness and self-control.

These describe the skills a person needs to defend themselves and others if need be and also to be able to control their emotion by being calm in situations that they may find provoking.

Creative thinking and critical thinking.

These are skills that help a person to come up with new ways of doing things when a problem arises. Coming up with new ideas and solutions as well as having the ability to assess information carefully and understanding its relevance at that time and point.

Decision-making and problem-solving skills.

These refer to skills an individual needs to understand the problem and come up with a solution as an individual or as a team by taking action to tackle them.


Techniques on how to improve your life skills.

Even though there are certain skills that can be acquired in school, being intentional in improving some of the skills shared above can help you a lot in your business and in your personal life.

Here are a few ways to go about it:

Hire a coach

If you want to acquire and master a certain skill, then it would be ideal to seek out a professional coach that will consult with you by helping you strengthen those life skills.

Focus on your interpersonal skills

These are skills that help you to communicate and interact with others verbally or non-verbally. You must first master your interpersonal skills when communicating with your colleagues to ensure that you communicate effectively and pay attention.

Surround yourself with positive energy.

Failure is part of life and there is always room for change and improvement.

It is important that we surround ourselves with people who encourage us to do better even when we don’t see it for ourselves. These are the kind of people that motivate us to keep on learning and growing by inspiring us to be at our level best both professionally and personally.

Practice and develop self-awareness.

You should be aware of your strengths and weakness. Developing self-awareness will be beneficial because it will help you correct some of your limitations and succeed in your work. You should be aware of your performance so that you can point out the areas that need improvement. You can do this by always looking for ways to enhance the needed skills to perfect your performance at work and in your business self-evaluate.

Be open to learning.

Being open to learning will prepare you to be prepared to tackle new challenges that may come your way, enable you to come up with solutions by remaining focused and continually improving your abilities. Some of the ways you can keep on learning are through online workshops, reading books, and daily interactions with your colleagues. This will in turn make you grow both professionally and personally.

What other techniques have worked for you in developing these important skills?

Feel free to comment and ask questions below.

Author – P. Wakesho


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